Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Only For Megan...6 Unimportant things About Me

So Megs, I know you tagged me over a month ago, better late than never. Couldn't sleep, so here I am.

1. I love to vaccuum. If I could do it everyday, I would. Fortunately, time doesn't always allow me to, so I'm not one of those freaky people yet.

2. When I make up the bed, even if I'm about to get in it, I don't want there to be any wrinkles. No NOT one!

3. I have my own language. I make up words all the time. Really I take other words and make them my own, but it makes my students ask me what language I'm speaking, and if I'm feeling frisky I say my words really fast, it drives them wild.

4. It is a sad, sad day for me if I miss Wheel-of-Fortune. I could live without TV if it weren't for Wheel-of-Fortune. Someday, I'm going to play and make lots of money.

5. I am quickly becoming a Rock Band junkie. Do they have a 10-step program for that?

6. I don't like sweet tea or hot dogs. My dad used to tell me I was communist, call it what you want to, I just don't like it.

Christmas Came Early

So, I broke down, in a big kind of way. We've been talking about wanting a Wii for some time now, so I found a good deal on one (courtesy of Ebay) and bought one for Steve for Christmas. Well, it couldn't wait until Christmas. So I thought to myself, just give it as a birthday present, but that was no good either. His birthday is December 13th. So what was a girl to do? I wrapped it up in Christmas paper, but a sweet little bow on it and said, " Here's your Christmas present, you can open it now or wait." Sneaky little devil...he opened it.