Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WARNING: Fire hazard

So it's a been a while since this happened but I thought I would share so that your toaster oven wouldn't suffer the same plight as mine.  So this is the way it went sweet husband was home after a long day of work and was HUNGRY (actually I was hungry to). The menu was nachos (the meaty kind, come on folks I'm feeding a man).  I had just popped my tortilla chips in the oven; we like em warm around our house...makes it feel like we've gone out to eat mexican.  So anyway, I Stevie came home his boss called with one of those I have to answer it now kind of conversations, so me being the multi-tasking working wife that I am decided to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I forgot, please don't think any less of me, the tortilla chips that literally take about 30 seconds to warm.  I turned around a couple of minutes later to see flames lapping out of my toaster oven.  So I, also being the polite wife that I am, didn't want to interrupt hubby-man's "business" call so I whispered to him "Steve, there's a fire." He excuses himself from the conversation when he realizes that what I have really made for supper is a recipe for disaster, grabs some potholders and takes the toaster oven outside so we could toast marshmallows (just kidding about the marshmallows).  Anywhoo...the moral of the story is TORTILLA chips are in fact flammable, in case you were wondering, and a toaster oven will continue to work after it has been ignited with only slight char marks as it's battle scars.  Go ahead dear readers, laugh.