Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WARNING: Fire hazard

So it's a been a while since this happened but I thought I would share so that your toaster oven wouldn't suffer the same plight as mine.  So this is the way it went sweet husband was home after a long day of work and was HUNGRY (actually I was hungry to). The menu was nachos (the meaty kind, come on folks I'm feeding a man).  I had just popped my tortilla chips in the oven; we like em warm around our house...makes it feel like we've gone out to eat mexican.  So anyway, I Stevie came home his boss called with one of those I have to answer it now kind of conversations, so me being the multi-tasking working wife that I am decided to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I forgot, please don't think any less of me, the tortilla chips that literally take about 30 seconds to warm.  I turned around a couple of minutes later to see flames lapping out of my toaster oven.  So I, also being the polite wife that I am, didn't want to interrupt hubby-man's "business" call so I whispered to him "Steve, there's a fire." He excuses himself from the conversation when he realizes that what I have really made for supper is a recipe for disaster, grabs some potholders and takes the toaster oven outside so we could toast marshmallows (just kidding about the marshmallows).  Anywhoo...the moral of the story is TORTILLA chips are in fact flammable, in case you were wondering, and a toaster oven will continue to work after it has been ignited with only slight char marks as it's battle scars.  Go ahead dear readers, laugh.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Bean At a Time ...

So I spilled the beans and hot glued one bean at a time for six hours straight. What can I say, I am easily influenced! I made this for a bride to be, and I am so glad that she loved it!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Living Room Redo...Far From Finished

So when Steve and I got married and I moved in I really thought everything in our house I liked.  Well the longer I live here the more I realize that I don't really like the builders beige that adorns every single speck of wall space in our house.  Me, being the "project" kind of person that I am have slowly started changing that.  It started in the kitchen, moved to the bathroom, and recently hit the living room.  It's not a total transformation and I don't have before pictures, but here's the start.  I'm going to do a display of ivory picture frames on the wall above the TV (sooner rather than later...I hope) and my dear sweet Steve is going to make a frame type "thing" to go above the door leading to the carport so that I don't have to paint the rest of the wall (the one bad thing about open floor plans, one room runs in to the next).  My dear sweet Steve, the best electrician on earth (I figure if I talk real nice about him, that I can get at least one more project out of him :)), even changed out the less than functional electrical outlets and light switches.  So to most our redo may not really look that much different, but it's very refreshing to me and the husband.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Craft Weekend

My dear friend Haven came this weekend bringing her Cricut for us to play with. I told myself that I didn't need one of these wonderful machines, wouldn't use it if I had it....but I was totally lying to myself.  I've hinted to the husband that this would be a great Christmas present; we'll see how that works out.  We basically kicked our husbands out and had a girls only party. It's so wonderful to have friends who enjoy the same things as you do.  I have totally been in the mood lately to craft and get some around the house projects done, and well they wouldn't have gotten done if Haven hadn't come to town.  (I hope she comes back real soon.)  Not only did we have a great fun time, we updated my blog, and even manage to make a few things. Check it out.

A tree for my hoot owls

A Poppy Canvas from a tutorial found here. We were so excited to find out that the Cricut cuts fabric because there are a lot of circles here in this canvas. Machine power is awesome!

Fork and Spoon for an upcoming project

I can't decide whether I really enjoyed visiting with my friend or using her Cricut.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Been A While

I know it's been quite some time since I've shared with the world, and I know this is totally an excuse, but my world just never seems to slow down. I have the best of intentions really, I do. Somehow I just can't seem to find a moment to think of something worth saying and then posting it. Anyway, to all those who have fussed at me for not updating, here it is. I had my hair cut today for Locks of Love. I didn't tell a soul and surprised the world, even my sweet husband :) Try keeping that a secret, I did it for a whole month.
I am donating my hair in memory of my sweet grandmother, Bera "Dee Dee" Murray.