Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Additions

Welcome to the world Aaron Christopher Sansing! I am proud to announce the birth of my new little nephew. It took him a while to decide to come in to this world, but he is hear and just beautiful! Big sister Allie is loving him and wants to help out as much as possible. Baby Aaron aka "Huck" maybe as Haven says should be renamed "Hunk" seeing as how he weighed 9lbs and 8oz. Huck was 20.5 inches long. We can't wait for him to make his first visit to Columbus. Congrats Lara and Chris and Allie.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Final Countdown

So we have officially entered into the final countdown stage. As of yesterday we had 30 days until the wedding. We are both so excited and can't wait to start our lives together. However, this is an absolutely CRAZY time! There is so much to be done and not enough time to do it. My mother says, "Lea Ann you need to rest..." And I wonder, WHEN? Anyway GOD is good, and HE is showing me how wonderful my life really is.
The blessings of friendship is so sweet. We (Alyssa, Haven, Cathryn, and I) hosted a shower for our friend Sarah this past weekend. It was work yes, but I don't think my heart has felt such rest and joy in the midst of chaos in a long time. The comfort in laughter and good friends is probably one of life's most wonderful remedies. I know that my spirits were so uplifted. Another breath of fresh air came when my dear friend Megan came during her spring break. She is now headed back to Florida where she thinks she belongs ;). I don't know what she was thinking when she up and went away.
To top it all off we also had our church shower this weekend and I still stand amazed as I write thank you note after thank you note at how blessed we truly are. We have been blessed with so much more than we need, I stand in awe. That's all I can say. I hope and pray that GOD is giving you those little or big reminders that show all of the glorious things HE has given you.
I'm posting some pictures from the weekends festivities, and want to take time to name one more blessing since I seem to be counting them 1 by 1....Our mothers. I see more and more everyday how much our mothers (and fathers too) do and sacrifice for us. Every time I turn around they are doing something else for us, not them, for us. It really just makes me want to cry. We don't ask, they just do. The love that they have for us doesn't seem possible, but praise be to my FATHER because I wouldn't have it any other way. Want to leave you with just a little advice that my mom shared with us girls one day. We asked her how we could repay her for all that she does and she said, "Do it for your children." I hope that I will be like that...for what it's worth!