Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Might Be the Parent of a Newborn Top 10

Dearest Blogger Friends,

Please forgive me for my recent absence.  I've been taking care of this little man.  Ain't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen.  My Aunt Nancy says he's the most beautiful baby she's ever seen.  I just happen to agree.

Anyhoo, as a new mom I've learned a lot and very quickly.  Somedays are a little stressful, but most are pure joy.  As you know, Steve & I like to keep a good sense of humor about life so we have made another top 10 list...hope you enjoy!

You might be the parent of a newborn if...
1.  You, at some point, have greeted each and every hour of the day.
2.  You can fall asleep in pretty much any position known to man.
3.  Your schedule is made around a small being's feeding schedule.
4.  You think your child is the most beautiful that ever was or is to come.  
5.  You no longer are of importance to your parents...just pass over the kid folks!
6.  You look lovingly in to your spouses eyes and both agree that its ok to look like a hot mess, you have a newborn!
7.  You may or may not have been peed and pooped on by your child (not to mention possibly having scrubbed the walls a couple of times after target practice from little man).
8.  You have seen what you believe to be about 95% of all infomercials ever made.
9.  You can no longer go to sleep without the soft noise of your infants soothing sounds lamb. (we prefer the gentle crashing of the waves)
10.  You begin cooking your supper at lunch so that you make sure to have it finished between feedings.

I could go on, but for the sake of keeping it to 10 I'll stop.  Do you have any memories of caring for a newborn?  What would have made it to your top 10?

I've got a few more posts to catch up on, hope to get them up soon....stay tuned for more!

Have a good daisy friends!