Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Kind of Happened

Personalized House Marker
Wooden Frame (my Stevie did that) with Hand Painted Cross

Christmas Card Holder

Hand Painted Cross

So Steve and I decided this year we wanted to make a few Christmas presents instead of buying into the money trap of the consumer Christmas. We wanted to give from the heart, and we both enjoyed getting to work together for a change. Anyway, they turned out well and we've actually have had a few orders since then. Just thought we'd post them, and if you're interested holla back!! I'll add more of our creations as they come.

The Downturn of the Economy

So we all know that money is tight everywhere, yes even here at the home of the electrician and school teacher. Due to many fiscal restraints we have had to make serious budget cuts and I have begun to take on many jobs that I once never thought possible (please don't believe a bit of this sarcasm). Because of the plummit of our economy I have become a hairdresser on the side...and my husband was my guinea pig. If you would like to set up an appointment for your husband I am now taking walk-ins. It will certainly make for a good laugh and a pile of hair on the floor to prove it. I can guarantee that your husband will now get his hair cut less often than he used to, therefore helping you to cut back on costs yourself. That's me, helping the economy one snip at a time!

Waffle House Christmas

So maybe you think we're redneck, some may just call it crazy , but we have stumbled on to our Christmas tradition, the WAFFLE HOUSE! Go ahead have your laugh, we still are. You see this is the way it all went down...we had this beautiful, sweet, lovie-dovie make you sick kind of quiet Christmas at home, nestled by the fire (even though we don't have a fire unless we were to make one in the back yard), but my family had other plans.

Somewhere along the way we settled for a 15 hour ride in the backseat of my dad's truck to Washington D.C. We left late Christmas Eve and Steve and I celebrated our Christmas in a Waffle House somewhere in Virginia with an old man flipping pancakes with earrings and reindeer antlers. It was magical, and memorable.

After we reached D.C. we stayed with my sister, brother-in-law, niece & nephew along with the rest of my family in a very "cozy" apartment. We were cramped, sore, but a good time was had by all. Steve got the D.C. experience for the 1st time and probably the last since our free board just moved to Georgia.