Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

This post is all about being real, documenting our little families "history" so to speak.  Have you ever had one of those days you wish you could erase, have a do over in hopes that maybe you could do something to change the outcome of the day?  Well, we had one of those days December 13th.  That was my last day of work before Hughes made his arrival and Steve's birthday.  Steve was getting ready to go to work and someone on day shift called and said that the plant had just been bought out and would be closing.  WHOA, major shock factor here!

This buy-out was totally unexpected for us, in fact, he had just been given a raise not 2 weeks before.  It was exactly what it was, a good business deal that couldn't be turned down.  So our immediate reaction was to freak out, but as we learned more and had time to think about the situation rationally we feel very much at peace about the situation.

In the midst of the fear, we really feel like, under the circumstances, we have the best possible scenario considering the circumstances.  The plant isn't immediately shutting down, but will fulfill all orders that had been placed which could take up to 12-15 months.  Many who lose their jobs in similar circumstances aren't given the luxury of having time to find a new job.

While Steve loves his job and those that he works with, the hours are long.  12hr shifts daily are really hard when you have a young family.  We all miss out on a lot of time that we would rather be spending together.  So we are praying that this opportunity to look for a new job will provide a more "family friendly" schedule.  We think we have a found somewhere that will be perfect for our families needs and hope that it will work out.  If you are reading this we ask that you pray for our family in this uncertain time.  We have put our faith in God's plan for us and know that things will be better than ever!

Have a good daisy!

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