Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm 1 month (almost a month late)

So friends, we've all made it to 1 month of life for our very handsome little man!  An accomplishment for all if you ask me.  The rest will be a piece of cake right?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Anyhoo...going to record a few memories for my little Hughes that you're more than welcome to share with us if you'd like.  You'll have to forgive me for posting, well um almost a month late.  In my defense, I have had the post written for about 3 weeks, just haven't uploaded pics, and there are a lot of those.  I just couldn't choose, so prepare yourself for some serious cuteness...SERIOUSLY!    So grab a cup o' joe and get comfy ;)
My first picture, I am a BIG boy!

My first day in the world

Big Yawns

Aunt Abby & Me

My Annie giving me some lovin'

Daddy can't get enough of me.  Can you blame him?

Getting ready to leave the hospital

My sister, Marigold, checking on me

Dressed up in my camo, hoping to give Daddy some good luck (it didn't work)

Aunt Lou & cousin Allie Rose (cousin Aaron was being a busy body)

MiMi comes to check on me

The Night before Christmas

Christmas Day

Mommy made me take this picture ;)  Headed to Annie & Gray's so Mommy and Daddy can get groceries

My first trip to the Doctor...90th percentile in length and 50th percentile in weight!

I usually give my mommy closed-eye smiles after I eat

Fish face <><

My daddy can't wait to get home everyday to snuggle with me

What you talkin' bout Willis?

I like to be snuggled up in my bouncer or swing

I'm a thinker 
Sweet dreams after I fill my tummy 

Mommy likes to give my toes kisses 
I'm very verbal ;)

Me & My Gray 

I like to make lots of faces (I get this from my mommy)

Little Hughes,

This has been by far the best and most rewarding month of our lives (your daddy's and mine), and well, probably the most tiring month too :)  You are still the most beautiful little boy ever, with the most perfect complexion.  I'm not making this up because I'm you're more than proud mom, everyone that meets you says so.  You are a very content little baby, usually only fussing when you need something.  Although there have been a couple of days when you have been a little less than content.  Aunt Alyssa says it's normal, so we're taking her word for it.

We're still not sure what color your hair is, partly because well there is lack thereof, but it seems to look different in every kind of light.  I'll love you know matter what color it is but I still have my fingers crossed that it's red ;)

You have the most precious little cry, it almost sounds like the soft squeal of a baby puppy.  You really only get cranked up when we change your diaper, but you're starting to tolerate that a little better.  Mommy and daddy are getting a little better at changing it.  You shot us when we changed your very first diaper...first-timers!

You seem to change a little every day and you are slowly but surely growing out of your newborn clothes.  I tried to tell myself that the first few must have shrunk in the dryer, but I'm pretty sure I'm just in denial.  I'll get over it, don't worry.  You're still in newborn diapers, kind of.  They're getting really snug, but the 1's swallow you whole!

You're a really good eater and eat about every 3 hours, and sometimes at night you'll even wait 4-5 hours before you need to eat again.  And about that sleep thing...it's impossible for you to sleep soundly at night without being swaddled.  You are quite the wiggle worm and you startle yourself with all that moving you do.  Your daddy usually gets you when you wake up and changes your diaper and swaddles you back up and brings you to me so you can eat.

You and your daddy are super tight!  He hardly put you down the first week of your life.  Now that he's back at work he can't wait to get home every night to see you.  You too are making an indention on the couch where you hang out at night.  I hope you'll always be this close!

You're dying to be a big boy I think.  You started trying to hold that sweet little head up on your own at about 2 weeks.  You are awake and alert a lot more, and quite by accident (your's actually) we found that you like to lay on your back and wiggle to your little hearts content.  Mommy makes you have your tummy time everyday too.  You are moving that head from side to side.

My favorite time with you is right after you've finished eating are in that milk-induced coma like state.  You almost always make these very content smiley faces after you're good and full.  Of course, I hover over you with my phone waiting for one of those sweet smiles so I can post it on Facebook for all the world to see (daddy says I should control myself with the picture posting, I think he's just jealous).

You, to our surprise, love bath time.  We started with sponge baths, which you hated, but now that your cord has fallen off we've moved you to a big boy bath and you were so calm and relaxed...whew!  You started your life despising diaper changes, screaming bloody murder during the whole thing, but now you have calmed down a little.  You usually only fuss during diaper change if you're super hungry and want us to get on with it so you can eat.  Just like your daddy, always thinking about your next meal.

I know I'm leaving so much out, it has been a very exciting month.  You've had your first Christmas, New Year's, Doctors visit (75-90th percentile in heigth and 50th percentile in weight) and we just found out that you are going to be a big cousin!  Aunt Lou is going to have #3, and we couldn't be more excited.


Haven said...

How sweet! What great memories!

Penny Leigh said...

LOVE. So very precious!