Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blubbering Whale

Dearest readers,

I have officially returned to my place of employment this week.  I thought I was ready, but I. Was. NOT.  I almost made it out the door and I lost it.  COMPLETELY!  The look on the husband's face said "Oh no, I think she may have just gone over the deep end."  I have realized that I love my job, but I love my child WAY more.   In saying this I have not forgotten nor forsaken my faithful few.  But it may take a little time to adjust to being back at work for me to figure everything out.  I have little man's 2 & 3 month update written but just haven't gotten around to posting pictures.  I will attempt to get that up this weekend, but am making no promises.  The husband is on night shift so my nights are about taking care of necessities and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be soaking up the rays of my beautiful boy's sunshine-y face every moment he's awake this weekend.  I love you all and hope to show you some super sweetness pretty soon.

But in the meantime my crock-pot and me are going to continue to strengthen our relationship and I'm going to keep pinning to my pinterest board during little man's feedings that I'll probably never get to.  Thanks Haven for this new addiction.

Have a good daisy!

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